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Clarkson Village- A Wonderful Neighborhood of Mississauga

Clarkson Village- A Wonderful Neighborhood of Mississauga

Clarkson, also called as Clarkson Village is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Mississauga. What makes living in Clarkson a great place? That’s its charm, character and rich history. Before talking about all its features,it’s necessary here to have some knowledge about its location & history.

Clarkson Village Location & History

Clarkson village is situated in the Southwest corner of the city, along the shore of Lake Ontario. It is bordered by Lake Ontario to the South, Oakville to the West, Erin Mills to the North and Lorne Park to the East. By so, Clarkson shares its Eastern border with the city of Oakville. It is situated in the West of Lorne Park & South of Erin Mills.

Clarkson village


Interesting History of Clarkson Village

As it is mentioned that Clarkson has a rich history, it was founded by two young brothers about 200 years ago. 15 years old Warren Clarkson along with his brother left their home in Albany, New York to seek their fortune in Canada. They had been invited by a family friend to join work who has bought land near Lake Ontario. Warren liked the area so much and decided to stay & work hard to buy his own property. With the passage of time he saved enough money to buy land for home. Then he married and raised his family. As the years went by, Warren bought more land and built the first community store along with the stagecoach trail. Fifteen years later, the town council named that trail as Clarkson Road. They opened a post office in their family store and that still stands on Clarkson Road.Clarkson community never grew very large and it had a few houses and shops along Clarkson Road, a railway station, a school and a church. Less than one hundred people lived in this quiet community. The glimpse of different periods of Clarkson’s history can be experienced by the people by visiting the Bradley House, c.1830, The Anchorage, c.1839, or Benares, 1857, all historic properties which are open to the public.

Clarkson Village – How it became Strawberry Capital of Ontario

Captain Edward Sutherland (1794-1885) moved to Clarkson with his seven children in 1856. A widower, he purchased “Bush’s Inn,” a former inn and coach house that was the halfway point between Hamilton, Ontario and Toronto (this building, a private residence, still stands on Clarkson Road South). Here, he introduced both strawberry and raspberry cultivation to the area. Clarkson eventually became the Strawberry Capital of Ontario and commercial fruit farming expanded in the area through the rest of the 19th and into the early 20th century. In 1915, a sign was erected at the Clarkson railway station declaring “Through this station passes more strawberries than any other station in Ontario.”

Clarkson Today

In past few years, we have seen Clarkson getting independently complete and it’s been establishing and adding much industrial aspects into its image. Its own GO station make it ideal for the professionals working in the Toronto zone.Clarksonhas an eclectic mix of houses that make it a great choice for your family living. Waterfront estate homes establish some of the most expensive housing in Mississauga. Clarkson Village is a well-established community so you won’t see crowded houses close together and that is always a huge bonus.

Top Things that Make Clarkson Village A Wonderful Living

  1. Clarkson Village Real Estate

Clarkson has taken to be as an area of affordability unless you are not living right by the water. People from every walk of life can enjoy themselves living in Clarkson. It’s one among the few communities left in Mississauga where you will see a huge spread in pricing, and you don’t need to be much wealthy to call it home.Clarkson real estate is dominated by smaller bungalows (often without garages). Whether you are in the market for a great semi-detached house or a nice bungalow on a tree-lined street, Clarkson will have very affordable options.

  1. Location Advantages of Clarkson Village

Clarkson Village shares its border with its prosperous brother, Lorne Park. However, the two are very different. As Clarkson definitely has a more industrial background than Lorne Park. Clarkson real estate has maintained its older, more affordable roots.Clarkson and Lorne Park do bleed into each other, but you can clearly identify when you’ve entered or exited both.Whether you are a professional or you study in downtown Toronto and you want to live in Mississauga, Clarkson is definitely a good and affordable option among the list of neighbors. Clarkson enjoys easy access to the Lakeshore and public transportation. Steps to Clarkson GO station and the QEW, Clarkson has long been the go to community for people making tour to the other cities, whether driving or taking public transit. And additionally, people living in Clarkson know that they will get a seat on the GO train before it hits Port Credit station.

  1. Parks & Community Center

Clarkson offers the lifestyle similar as the rest of its neighbors in the south of Mississauga. It runs along the Lakeshore and reserves bundle of wonderful parks around to enjoy the water scenic from. Many of the residents living in Clarkson and Mississauga come to visit and take in the beauty of Rattray Marsh. Plenty of beautiful parks make Clarkson perfect for enjoying outdoor and being active any time day or evening. Think of enjoying the picturesque beauty which Jack Darling provides by offering sandy beach, great lake view, and second-to-none dog park. You also have other great parks in Clarkson, like Whiteoaks; with an exclusive tennis club and floodlit courts. Besides all this, recently renovated Community Center of Clarkson, this is a great family spot for enjoying outdoor water play or learning ballroom dance with your partner. Apart from amazing pools, Clarkson Community Centre also has a full gym, basketball court, hockey rink and library attached to it.

  1. Shops & Restaurants

When it comes to shops & restaurants, Clarkson is quite similar to Port Credit, but a way better because it’s more family entertaining, as people living in Clarkson love to support their local business owners. The shopping strip along Lakeshore continues to expand and improve, with businesses putting money into their storefronts and new businesses, supported by the local BIA, popping up all the time. Of course, sometimes you just got to have big box shopping and you’ll find all the big retailers at the Clarkson Village Shopping Centre on Lakeshore.

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